July Blooms. July 2020. Red Ume blossom.

Winter orchids.

Roasting. July 2020.  Craig Miller views coffee beans using a ‘trier’.  The trier allows beans to be looked at while the coffee roast is taking place.

Craig does the final check of the roasted coffee beans as they drop into the cooling tray.


Mezze Bar. July 2020.  Mezze Bar is a Mediterranean oasis in the middle of Auckland.  In Durham Lane since 1992.  Warm food, hot coffee, congenial environment.

Mercury Plaza Mk2. July 2020.  The Mercury Plaza Refreshment Room opens in Cross Street. A place to eat, meet and has workspaces to hire.

Still going. July 2020. Home coffee equipment that keeps on going. Stella Gilda, 530 ml, 18 / 10 stainless steel, stove top espresso machine.  Making coffee for 15 years.  In the back ground a 1975 Braun, low geared, burr coffee grinder.  Still grinding.

Stella Archimedes, 530 ml, 18 / 10 stainless steel, stove top espresso machine. Gives a whistle when the coffee is ready. ‘Out of the box’ Italian design.  In the background, a Stella jug

Going down. July 2020.  A large portal with a covering building is being made in Mercury Lane.  The portal will go vertically down and meet up with the horizontal mining of the underground subway tunnel.  The portal is there to take things in and out of the subway tunnel while it's being constructed.