Miller's Coffee is a boutique coffee roasting company situated in central Auckland, New Zealand.  Serving espresso since 1984 and roasing coffee since 1988.

We offer; "Miller's Blend", designed specifically to be used in the espresso machine.

Also 'Swiss Water decaf' and 'Organic East Timor'.

March 2019.  For Christchurch.  Mural on Karangahape Road by Paul X Walsh.  A terror attack in Christchurch, killing 50, numbed the nation.

March 2019.  Cross Street Music Festival. Coned out.  It's unthinking, the cone truck idled its motor.

New idea.  Private music festival using public space for a venue.  Cross Street got a 24 hour make over where impresarios get to run with a cover-charge for a street party.  It worked, was cool, could be done better next time.

Alcohol helps to make it pay. The street become exclusive, R18, for starters.

Good vibes.

Live music ‘Racing’.

March 2019.  Pop Poetry.  Poetry readings, a bit of word tech, to Pigeon Park, Karangahape Road.

March 2019. Mobile.    Film crews working in Cross Street make their own espresso.

March 2019.  The Warren.  Workshops based around woodcraft and recycling have put out their slate.

March 2019. Zinnias.  For the refreshment room.

March 2019. Miller’s Kitchen.  First two pizza’s, twenty years in the making.

March 2019. Velvet. The night club across the street, keep it clean.

March 2019.  Craft Beer research.

Highly Recommended.

The Notorious Fig Hazelnut and Fig Stout. 7.1%.  The Laboratory of Lincoln.  Canterbury.


Persistent Queenstown.  High-wheat beer.  Altitude 4.9%. by Eddie Gapper  Queenstown.

New New New Sun Sun Beer. Brown Ale  6%. Dunedin. American hops.

Gosa Salty Sour Wheat Beer 3%. Brewer Kevin McLean Hopscotch Coaster Brewery.

Sauvalanche. Cassels Brewery, Christchurch  8%


All beer from Hopscotch Beer Company, Avondale.

March 2019. Kelmana Gardens, Harvest Festival.

The sounds of Luke Hurley.

Oh, yes coffee.

Liam on the tools.

March 2019. New Plymouth.  Time to leave the intensity and density of central Auckland and enjoy a smaller city.

The tops of low rise New Plymouth.  The canopy trees are a riverside park.  The summit of Mount Taranaki peaks above the clouds.

An inner-city river, cycle way and pedestrian path.

The 14 km long cycle ride and pedestrian path is a healthy reason to visit New Plymouth.  Cyclists gather at the base of Len Lye’s “Wind Wand” sculpture.

The Len Lye Centre a fascinating building, The Len Lye Centre.

Street art.

Mica Still.

St Mary’s Anglican Cathedral.  British soldiers who first joined the Taranaki Land wars in 1860, are buried in the grounds.  Taranaki was where British soldiers first became involved in the New Zealand Land Wars.

St Andrews a pretty Presbyterian Church.

Whitely Memorial Methodist Church. The Methodist Church have been using this site since 1839. This building opened in 1963.

Stone Sculpture.

Stone sculpture on coastal cycle / walkway.

Coffee houses have made their contribution to the livening up of New Zealand’s cities and towns.

Word of Mouth Chocolates.  Serves espresso coffee too.

Chaos Café.  Serving Havana Coffee.

Vintage Industries.

Fat Pigeon Café, Piopio.  Serving Taranaki based, Ozone Coffee.

Water fall in Pukekura Park.  The park begins in the city and stretches over 52 hectares.

The park hosts the annual WOMAD festival.

TSB Bowl of Brooklands, site of WOMAD Festival.

The Black Seeds.  Wellytown Reggae.

The Correspondents.  Hip Hop Swing.

New Plymouth a place with space.

We offer; , designed specifically to be used in the espresso machine.

Coned out.  the cone truck idled its motor.

ascinating building, The Len Lye Centre.