April 2019. Special treat.  When in downtown Auckland.  Check out the extraordinary ice-cream creations at Giapo.

Miller’s Espresso  with Christchurch hazel nut.

April 2019.  Morning shade. For a few weeks before daylight saving ends in April we open in the dark.

April 2019. Dispatch. Packing freshly roasted coffee to use in espresso machines around Auckland City and beyond.

April 2019.  Beer Degustation. The research continues.  Robust Imperial Porter, 8 %.  From Mike’s Brewery, Urenui.

Highly Recommended.

Imperial Nibs. 8.5%.  Kereru Brewery, Upper Hutt.



Recommended. Jacksons Larger. 4.8%. Samill, Matakana

Slackline Mango and Guava Sour. 5%. Bayland Brewing, Petone.

Feifo Berliner Weiss. 3.8%.  Kereru Brewery, Upper Hutt.

April 2019.  Fresh herbs.  Grown and then ground in Miller’s Kitchen. Left – Thyme, above –Organum, lower – Rosemary.

April 2019.  Flash Party.  Another year, another Flash Party at Sunset Tattoo.

April 2019.  Really?  Outside a café in Karagahape Road

April 2019. Really?  On Cross Street.

April 2019.  Cross Street beating.  For a music video, is he really being hurt.

April 2019. Green Space.  A small green space has opened up in Wellesley Street, central Auckland.  With

support of the Council, volunteer’s and  society on the street.

The Call.

A small patch of green and kindness.  Growing hope.

The Auckland Street Choir.

April 2019. Titirangi Lecture.  Craig reloading the Bravillor with Suzy’s Blend.

Craig Miller discusses his book “Coffee Houses of Wellington 1939 to 1979.