Miller's Coffee is a boutique coffee roasting company situated in central Auckland, New Zealand.  Since 1988 we have offered "Miller's Blend", designed specifically to be used in the espresso machine.  We also offer 'Swiss Water decaf' and 'Organic East Timour' freshly roasted.

September 2018 - Our Coffee History.  Detail from Juliet Peter’s “Wartime Fair” (1943).  The Fair was part of a fundraising effort for the Patriotic League at Christchurch’s King Edwards Barracks, during the Second World War.  Shown is a ‘Real American Coffee’ stall.

 Juliet Peter’s exhibition “Where the Line Leads” runs till 20th January 2019 at the Christchurch Art Gallery.

September 2018 - Espresso caravan.  The espresso caravan has left the garage and gone to a new life in Tauranga.  Keep an eye out for it.

September 2018 – Greasy city.  A very noisy, fumey, diesel powered vacuum loader, called into clear a blocked grease trap at our new neighbouring restaurant.  Hopping it doesn’t happen often.

These guys also regularly turn up to the new restaurant.

September 2018.  Feminist Technology.  Knitted broaches by Arielle Walker, part of an exhibition at Masterworks Gallery titled: “Empowering Woman – 125 years of Woman’s Suffrage of Aotearoa”.

The broaches were sent from Scotland, hence the kilt safety pin.  Arielle is currently on a sponsored art research project in Northern Europe.  All of us at Miller’s look forward to her return.

September 2018 – Green space.  Ume fruit on Upper Queen.

Liam’s permaculture project, with a flush of spring growth.

September 2018 - Street Art.  Andrew Steel artwork in Cross Street.

September 2018 - Private Penis.  No rubs.

September 2018 – Men at Work.  Six months ago the footpath outside the workshop  was opened up to fix a water-main leak.  Time to do it again.

Thanks guys, maybe we will see you again in six months’ time.

September 2018 - K Rd classics.

September 2018 – Ripe Deli.  A new building in Great North Road (the continuation of Karangahape Road) or as this building calls it GNR. The building sells and services cars, Lamborghini, Aston Martin and Bentleys.  At the centre is a Deli called ‘Ripe’.

Do they drink espresso out of cardboard cups in Sant’Agata Bolognese?

The coffee is ok, the counter food is good, and the staff are charming.  They serve coffee in cardboard cups, and the food on cardboard plates, only.  Have Bentley owners heard of porcelain?  Could have been quite the hospitality destination but have opted for being a fancy take-away bar.

September 2018 - Twin Lamborghini’s.  At Miller’s Coffee we have two Lamboghini’s.  They are used as afterburners for the roaster.

September 2018 - Surrealism.  Do you have enough surrealism in your life?  If not then you need to see this man, our local surreal-estate agent.

September 2018 - Gratis Postcards.  For over twenty years Craig Miller has freely provided postcards for customers.

Presently five postcards are available.

Miriana Arnold

Rena Pearson


One side of the postcard is branding while the other side is blank. For people to do what they wish.  Recently we asked a few of our customers if they could do some writing or an artwork using the cards.


3D Miller’s” by John Radford

This 'Postcard art / writing' series: to be continued.

Elizabeth C