April Blooms.  April 2020.  During the lockdown we had time to look at the flowers.

Mid-Century Italian Industrial Design. April 2020.  22 cup PPP screw together espresso stovetop.  Purchased in 1984 from the importer R.L. Bowden in College Hill. This was Craig Miller’s first commercial espresso machine, used at Just Another Roadside Attraction.  The espresso stovetop was handled using mits, when making espresso for customers.

Within a while Craig purchased a Faema, E61 espresso machine.  The PPP was retired to the display shelf.

Stovetop tips. Fill water to safety valve.  Fill coffee basket to the top but don't tamp down too hard. Once the coffee has a good flow, turn heat down until all water passes.

The ‘Signora’ espresso stove top by Caffettiera.

The Nora espresso, 4 spout, with ACF demitasse cups including two with Miller’s retro branding.

Flat White China. April 2020.  Contemporary Miller’s logo with drop shadow.

Giuseppe Giusti. April 2020. Luxury for the lockdown.  Modena balsamic for blending different foods while slow cooking.

Lockdown Coffee Kit. April 2020.  Copper plated pourer made by Kalitia.  V60 Glass Dripper by Hario.  Chestnut Nano hand coffee grinder by Timemore Coffee.  Stoneware coffee mug (1970s) by Temuka Potteries.