July 2018 – Arriving on two wheels.  Some people arrive at Miller's Coffee for their morning espresso on two wheels.

James’ new ride

Electric bikes, the transport hilly Auckland needs.

A Dutch beauty.

July 2018 – Paul Wash mirrored. In Karangahape Road.

July 2018 – Matcha.  Alison of Cross Street Market, back from Kyoto with her new / old matcha set

Some pieces she has collected since her return.

Elena Renker exhibition of pottery including bowls for matacha at TUR Studio, An Astute Assembly in Karangahape Road.

July 2018 – Ist First Thursdays for 2018. Preparing the room.

The theme, 'Live Music'

Moving the room.  Midge Marsden (centre), Chet O'Connell (right) and Neil Hannan on bass.

July 2018 – Fougasse roasted vegetable.  Cornerstone Café on the corner of Highways 2 and 27, Maramarua.  Serving Miller’s Coffee.

July 2018 - View from Uptown Apartments.  Cross Street, bottom right hand corner.  The building with the red roof is Miller’s Coffee.

July 2018 – Fairfax editors.  A group of food writers discuss espresso with Craig.

July 2018 – Winter Fruit.  Starting the day with lemons.

July 2018 – The artwork of Rena Pearson. Rena’s paintings and objects displayed on the Miller’s Coffee show wall.

Stored Memories.

Is There a Way Out?

Hiding Secrets.

The objects of Rena Pearson

The New Zealand wine selection

The sparkling selection.

Have a shot, tequila cocktails.

The first person to arrive for the showing is Matilda, who had just come from handing in her thesis for a Masters of Architecture.

Friends and Family gather to view Rena’s work.  Rena (centre) greets them.

Loving butterflies is easy, their lightness, freedom and stunning beautiful colours.


To  stay  relevant.  Transformation through life is essential.


Change happens quickly and needs to be embraced.


Butterfly’s became part of my life when I was researching Damien Hirst.  For him the appeal of the butterfly is created by the appearance of the life they have in death.


My work represents a part of my life.  Memories or events in colour enhanced by butterflies.


Rena Pearson


Note: Rena is referencing that many of the cut-outs for her découpage are in the shape of butterfly’s.

July 2008 – Still time.  Time to get out the still and make some sauce.

The ingredients.

The still, set up on the deck, with the wine put into the bottom chamber.  Heat is applied.

The magic happens.

Keeping track.

Brew protection.

The marc is used as a preservative in our chocolates.

Matariki is the Maori name for the Pleiades star formation.  It is seen in winter at the time when the days start to become longer. Mid-June to mid-July  Matariki is a astro - physical metaphor for renewal and a time to prepare for planting anew.

Artists from Karanga ink drew outlines for children to colour-in and the subsequent posters were displayed in Karangahape Road during Matariki.