April 2018 – Permaculture.  Liam’s permaculture project.  A vacant lot becomes a pretty carbon sink.

April 2018 – The Great Auckland Flash Party.  Queueing in Cross Street for new ink.

Link   The Great Auckland Flash Party.

Link   The Great Auckland Flash Party


April 2018 – Looks can deceive.  Movenpick ice-cream tastes good but their

café experience is not recommended.

Link   Movenpick


April 2018 – Cross Street Market Café.  Tony’s new café on Cross Street.

April 2018 –  Haemanthus “Grace Jones”.  Flowering on Miller’s deck.

April 2018 – Men at Work. Miller’s Coffee is in an older part of Auckland.  Keeping the water supplied is a constant job.  Cast iron watermains were not built to supply midrise apartments and food halls.

The leak is found.  A common problem when people connect to existing connections.

April 2018 – Payne Tailors. The Karangahape Road entrance to Payne Tailor.  Est 1969.  The current owner, Nasir Ali, continues Burt Payne’s bespoke experience.

The tailors workshop.

Nasir is interviewed about his business.

Kadambari Gladding, from Goa, is the interviewer.

Link   Payne Tailors


April 2018 – No Barking.  No barking around here.

April 2018 – Furbishment of the refreshment room.

After hours…..

Ready for service.

April 2018 – Stop and Eat.  A great Highway 2 pit-stop in Ngatea.

They serve Miller’s coffee.