February 2018.  False Alarm.  A raining February night a fortunate false alarm went off in the nightclub above the workshop. Thanks to the Fire brigade for their quick response.

February 2018.  Moloko Cafe, Meadowbank.  Moloko  (milk in Russian) Cafe serve their coffee in Crown Lynn ceramic ware and use glass pint milk bottles for water service.  In Meadowbank there are many examples of residential homes from the Modernist style of architecture.  Serving 8.30 Roasters Coffee.

Link   8.30 Roasters


February 2018.  Purple Rain. February 2018 was often wet, with warm weather from the tropics.  An evening sky and soft rain turn purple above the roastery.

February 2018. Guerrilla Gardening. Liam Muffins, who looks after Miller's customer service has begun to orchestrate a permaculture plan on a neglected site in Upper Queen Street.

February 2018.  Parking Meter Changes.  The Auckland Council have changed the parking meters in our area.  Now you have to key in your number plate when paying for parking.

February 2018. DKD Espresso. For research spent a recent Friday over at DKD Espresso talking to Darrell Ahlers about his life in coffee from the 1980s.  Had a great day, plenty of good stories and perspectives.

Link   DKD Espresso