A white star on the roof of Miller’s Coffee.

Someone has unscrewed, then taken, the Cross Street street sign.

Le Petit Four in Tauranga has wonderful baking and Miller’s Coffee.

Link   Le Petit Four


Ume fruit from Magaweka in the Central North Island.  Drying after being washed.  The fruit will be mixed with honey from Clevedon, a lush pastoral valley south of Auckland. The ume syrup will be used as a base for drinks and desserts.

A selection of the Miller’s Coffee plant collection on the deck above the refreshment room.

A Stephanotis Floribunda jasmine about to go into full bloom.

The Auckland Metropolis Events Centre in Symonds Street, run by the China & New Zealand Cultural Arts Association, recently had an exhibition of pottery tea pots. The exhibition was "Chinese Traditional Zisha (Purple Clay) Teapot Arts Exhibition of Master Lyu junjie and Students in New Zealand"

Link   Auckland Metrolpolis Events Centre - Traditional Zisha Teapots Arts


Tame Iti discusses how they will showcase Maori culture as part of the exhibition activities.  Tame Iti has a long association with Chinese’s artists and writers since the 1970s when he went first went to China to stay with his friend Rewi Alley.

Six-petal Sanskrit Lotus (purple mud) by Mao Fangrong.

Five Sons receiving Imperial Degrees by Mao Fangrong.

Concubine bamboo (pure water mud) by Hong Li.

Auspicious by Hong Li.

Aspiring to a great career (purple mud with sand sand mud) by Pu Chen.

A leaf of Bodhi (segment mud) by Yao Yijn.

Pastoral fun (end green mud) by Xue Chenzhi.

Birds’ twitter and flower fragrance (purple mud) by Wu Jiantao.

Longevity father (purple mud) by Wu Jiantao.

Perfect pair (purple mud) by Wu Jiantao.