Miller’s Coffee menu.  Open for espresso 7.30 to noon Monday to Friday.

June 2018 - Cooler weather.  Brings intense colour to the flowers on the deck.

June 2018 - Studio door upgrade. More paint needed.

Back in place after four coats.

June 2018 - ‘Cali – All Day Eatery’. An easy place to eat and drink when in Newmarket. Coffee by itself, or larger meal options.  Serving L'affare Coffee.

June 2018 - Yuzu. Making yuzu juice.

June 2018 - Vaniye Patissere. Treats from Parnell.

June 2018 - Gratis Postcards.  Rocky shows new postcard. Printed on Fedrigoni, Verona. Artwork by Lia McMillian, Vancouver.

Miriana shows her drawing using the blank side of the postcard.

June 2018 - Auckland Festival of Photography.  Jocelyn Carlin photographs remembered.  She has exhibited at Miller’s for many years.

Does the wine selection fit the occasion?

Friends and Family gather together.

Neil reminds us of Jocelyn’s life as a photographer. Sadly she passed away last year.

June 2018 - “Coffee Perhaps”. An exhibition by artist Erica Van Zon, at Melanie Roger Gallery in Karangahape Road.  Zon channels the artists and artisans who displayed their work at the, Wellington, Helen Hitchings Gallery which ran from 1949 to 1951.

Detail from “Plishke and Peroxide”.

“Len Castle Trompe L’oeil vase”, “Pumice Ashtray”, “Blythwood Hall Floor Tile”.

“Rutu Fabric Screen”, “Courtyard Scarf”, “After Plishke Nesting Tables”, on table “Maraduke”, “Bean Pot”,

“ARD Fairburn Banner”, “EMT Fabric Banner”.

June 2018 - Why is there this fetishism with Helen Hitchings?


Hitchings is mostly known for running a private gallery for two years during 1949 -1951.  Over the last 10 years lavish amounts of taxpayers / ratepayers money has been spent by curators of Public Gallery Institutions, to tell us why these two years are important.


The Helen Hitchings story is a small one, her biography rarely expands, mostly it’s repeated.

Well not quite.  Firstly she was first at a few things.  The first dealer gallery.  One of the first to ski Mt Ruapehu and during the 1940s she had a chic way of dressing when few did.  She used a kētē for her handbag, that’s cool.


She was the bright young thing of Wellington’s modernism becoming the subject of beautiful works by other artists. Two by Juliet Pieter, “Afterthought” and “Poodles”.  There is a portrait by Rita Angus, which kind of makes you immortal.  A few portraits by Douglas MacDiamid.  One an absolute stunner, Hitchings reclined against a tapa-cloth background.  Photographer Bristow Mawley, possibly with the use of a fine brush, made her look sultry.  Eric Lee Johnston photographed her and her gallery and John Ashton photographed her with her textile prints at the French Maid Coffee house.


Her gallery was democratic in placing fine art, furniture and objects as equals.  She promoted Pacifica and exhibited luminaries of New Zealand’s art history such as Colin McCahon, Toss Woollaston, potter Len Castle along with designer-ubermench, Ernst Plishke.

Is all this worthy of the Public finances that have come her way since her passing in 2002?  Maybe, but still the reasons that today’s Public curators give seem both strained and somewhat forced.


Weirdly, the Erica van Zon exhibition at the Melanie Roger Gallery is a satisfying response to the Helen Hitchings Gallery.  Initially Zon’s exhibition was shown at the Dowse Art Museum.  Van Zon, like Hitchings, has made the exhibition a collaborative effort using different artisans to help create the pieces, including silk-screen printing from Samoa.  However what brings the exhibition together is the exacting quality van Zon brings to each, and every work.  It is as if the story of the Helen Hitchings gallery is not really conveyed in the telling of curators, but more so when interpreted by talent.

The young Helen Hitchings, the artists muse, still inspires.


Miller’s Coffee Research.

June 2018 - Coffee education.  Roasting coffee explained to home schooled children.

Where does coffee grow?

A hot chocolate and a catch-up from the Guardian.

June 2018 - Aboriginal artworks. Collected during a recent trip to Arhem Land

June 2018 - Solstice.  For the last three years Miller’s Coffee has offered hospitality to mark the winter solstice.

Yuzu chocolate crafted for a solstice gathering.

Candle spice biscuits.

Luke Hurley fills the room.

June 2018 - Education.  Students make a tech review.

June 2018 - Local Market.  Cross Street Market cater for foodies.

Low and slow barbecue pork.

Steam punk?

Freshly shucked oysters.

Inside table offerings.

Tony on the tools.

June 2018 - New addition to Cross Street.  Watch this space.