May 2018 - Pastel Blue.  A colour change, corner of Cross and Upper Queen.

May 2018 - Moist. Tropical May, perfect for the hibiscus on the upstairs deck.

May 2018 - Chandeliers.  Ready for cleaning, the first time in sixteen years

May 2018 - Leaky Heartbreak. Out the kitchen window we see the ‘Westmount’ apartment building completely wrapped.

Built in the mid-1990s, the apartment block is leaking.  Remedial work has begun.

When will it end?

Anna Miles Gallery


May 2018 - Anna Miles Gallery is situated on Upper Queen Street.  A recent exhibition by Peter Hawkesby.   was titled “Scratch a Cenotaph”.  Peter for 20 years ran Alleluya Cafe in St Kevin's Arcade on Karangahape Road.

Link   Anna Miles Gallery

Anna Miles Gallery, Upper Queen Street.

Gallery exterior.

Gallery, Interior.  Peter Hawesby, in discussion.

P. & P.

La Wally T (right).

P Carne H.  (Left)

May 2018 - The Shortland Street food market, Friday nights 5 to 11pm, buzzing downtown.

May 2018 - Lance Redgwell crafts natural living wine at the Cambridge Road Vine Yard, Martinborough.

A degustation is planned.

Link   Cambridge Road Vineyard


Papillion Rose.

Papillion Orange.

From left to right. A very tasty range of Pinor Noir. Nouveau, Transit of Venus Pinor Noir, Pinor Noir, Vintage Di Dove SEI, Dirty Little Pinor.