Flowers. February 2020.  Enjoying the late summer sun, hibiscus flowers on the deck at Miller’s.

Golden Belle hibiscus grown by Craig Miller for decoration of the upstairs studio at Miller’s.

First Roast. February 2020.  Neil taps the hopper to coax the last green beans into the roasting drum.

The first roast of the day is dropped into the cooling tray. Later in the morning the freshly roasted coffee will be packed and sent out to hospitality venues to be served through an espresso machine.

Coffee Sacks. February 2020. Sacks of green beans waiting to be roasted.

Balsamic.  February 2020. Aceto Balasamico from Modena, Italy, is a multi-faceted condiment with many uses.  The aged grape infused balsamic helps blend different tastes while highlighting flavours.  Gently sprinkle drops into cooking stews, stocks, casseroles and such-like.

Keepers Honey.  February 2020.  From the lush river valleys just north of Auckland such as Puhoi and Matarangi, comes Keepers Honey.  Sweetens us up at Miller’s Coffee.

Suntory. February 2020. Suntory, the giant liquor company from Japan, introduce their Boss Coffee to the New Zealand market.  Suntory are already big sellers of coffee in New Zealand using other Brand names.  Boss coffee is ubiquitous in Japan, usually sold via vending machines, which seem to be on every corner.  For canned coffee it’s not so bad.  Our advice to New Zealand, give it a swerve.

In February 2020 some older Suntory whiskies were selling for record prices in Japan.  So we decided to raid the top shelf at Miller’s.  Ended up drinking some ‘very rare old whisky’ originally bottled for the 1970 Expo, held in Osaka. We gave it a nudge, we gave it a serve, it was smoothly luscious.

Angels.  February 2020. Angels on Cross Street.

Street Art. February 2020.  Gil Scott Heron on Karangahape Road.  Artwork by Paul X Walsh.

Infrastructure City. 2020.  The demolition of the Mercury Plaza shines sunlight on a wooden terrace house in Canada Street.  Inner city terraced houses are rare in Auckland, Only a few were built, of those that were, not many have survived.