Coffee and Flora. November 2019. Matan Florist & Cafe next to the intersection of Karangahape and Ponsonby Roads. Serving Miller's Coffee.

Emily's Pop-up.  November 2019.  June and Emily do a cool morning cook-up in Kingsland.

Something for sweet tastes.

Matched with Samaori coffee, using green beans from Samoa.

La Chimbali M39 Classic.  November 2019.  Deadstock espresso machine made in 2006.  This M39 was owned and stored by David Burton.  This machine gives the barista opportunity to show their skills and make an espresso just for you.

Neil pours champagne to toast the arrival of the 'new' espresso machine.

The champagne was matched with a Bluebells cake.

Coffee broker John Burton gazes at the M39, now on the counter at Miller’s and serving espresso.

Frith Joiner from Allpress Espresso with a technician from Allpress Tokyo, join the celebrations.

Umeshu.  November 2019.  Drying ume from the ‘green plot’ on Upper Queen Street.

Soaked in spirts made on the deck at Miller’s Coffee.

Juice Making. November 2019.  Making juice on the deck.


Infrastructure City.  November 2019.  The Station is a coming to Cross Street.

The Karangahape Road, ‘Enhancement Works’ trundle along.