December 2018 – Red Star.  It’s Christmas.

December 2018 – Kiwi Santa.  On Cross Street.

December 2018 – Christmas in the Park.  The Domain

December 2018 – The Wintergarden Café. In the Domain.

December 2018 – Panettone.  A much appreciated Christmas gift from friends, Annarosa and Giapo, avant-garde ice cream makers.

December 2018 – Christmas-spirit jacking.  On the day of the Santa Parade many who came for the Santa parade ignored the parking signs, some were towed away.  $300 to get your car back!  Auckland’s Christmas spirit?

December 2018 – Umeshu.  A harvest of  4.6 kilo of green ume from the tree planted in Upper Queen Street.

Half  the ume, gifted to our friend Nobe at Acho, a Japanese Tapas Bar in St Kevins Arcade.  He will soak the ume for a year in ‘45 South’ whisky.

At Miller’s we soaked our ume in Havana Rum, ready for next Christmas.

December 2018 – Dumping Rubbish.  Cross Street is continuously used to dump rubbish.  We have noticed this over the past twenty years.

December 2018 – Missing C.  This four month old sign dominating Cross Street is now losing its letters.

It’s First Thursdays time. Karangahape Road retailers’ open for the evening giving a party atmosphere to the street.

First Thursdays. Ignition time.

Miriana Arnold and Hiram Fa'alia Vaeau of Karanga Ink display printed matter to enrich your life.

‘The Warren’, in Cross Street, made their opening night to coincide with First Thursday.  Tim Warren has created a workshop and training space teaching how to make things using wood.  This space also has a retail area for local craftsman.

While at Miller’s Coffee there's no fear to show our colours and get ready to contribute to First Thursdays.

So you think you can dance?

Primed and ready to flow.

People enjoying each other while waiting for Midge Marsden to start.

December 2018 – Cross Street.  Once a service lane Cross Street in recent years has become a hot-spot for shooting video, photography, and so on.

December 2018 – Classy wheel-estate.  Unique.

December 2018 – Cross Street Market Christmas party.

Cooking a Kai.

December 2018 – Gratis Postcards.  We ask some of our regular customers to make artwork on the back of our gratis postcards.

'Christmas Card' Rena Pearson.

Miriana Arnold.