June Blooms. June 2020.  Pink Camellia. In New Zealand the Camellia flower, white specifically, is associated with Woman’s Suffrage and the gaining of the female vote in 1893.

Ume prunus. Ume blossom at the beginning of winter. In their native Japan they blossom in the snow.

Suzy’s Blend. June 2020. Occasionally Craig will roast a Suzy’s Blend.  Based on a blend by Suzy van de Kwast in 1962.  She used the all glass Cona Coffee system, to make coffee to serve at Suzy’s Coffee Lounge in Willis Street, Wellington. The best coffee for drip, filter or press systems.

Chocky Power. June 2020.  Miller’s chocolates grow the assortment. Made and sold fresh.

Search and Destroy. June 2020. The duo / collective that is ‘Search and Destroy’, keep reappearing.  Now in Ponsonby Road.  Upstairs and downstairs, and taking the time to serve a beautiful coffee.

Post-lockdown hospitality. June 2020. The doors at Miller’s opens for espresso post-lockdown.  Level 2 restrictions apply.

Sign your name and phone number, sanitise your hands .  Then we can make you an espresso based drink.

Post-lockdown hospitality. June 2020. Julia Durkin, from the Auckland Festival of Photography 2020, opens the Miller’s Annual Jocelyn Carlin exhibition.  Level 1 restrictions apply, meaning we can touch, drink and dance (yae-ya!).

Jocelyn’s portrait photograph’s, from left.  Laurie Anderson (1986). Sir Ian McKellen (2009). Nancy Brunning (1994). Graham Brazier (2012).

The Midge Marsden Band crank it up so we can shake the lockdown blues.

Cambridge Road. June 2020. A mighty fine drink. 2011 Pinor Noir from Cambridge Road Vineyard, Martinbrorough.  Bohemia Crystal wine glasses (2005).

Silos. June 2020. Bentonite plant being built on the construction site for the underground subway station. The site is across from Cross Street. Bentonite, a cement like compound, will be mixed with liquids into a slurry and then pumped into the cavities created by the making of the Auckland underground railway.  The slurry will be sucked back out, once the walls of the cavities have been lined with reinforced concrete.