Flowers. March 2020. Hibiscus on the leaner at Miller’s.

Haemanthus, in bloom on the counter at Miller’s.

Weighing. March 2020.  Miller’s use a Wedderburn linear weigher to put their freshly roasted coffee into paper bags.

Classic. March 2020. Faema E61 espresso machine at O’Connell Street Bistro. This E61 was manufactured in 1963. Around 1980 David Goldwater brought the machine from Mr Pucci.  the owner of an espresso machine workshop in Sydney. David Goldwater brought it to New Zealand and put it in Shadows, a bar at Auckland University.  In 1985 Craig Miller brought it from David for his diner, Just Another Roadside Attraction’, in Grafton, Auckland.

Across the decades since, it has graced many espresso establishments.  In recent times it has proudly made coffee for the patrons of the O’Connell Street Bistro.  Go there and have a fresh Miller’s espresso, you will be surprised how well this machine makes coffee.

Culinary Delight. March 2020. Nice edibles flown from Adelaide, “Caramels”, crafted by Peter Gell.

Gratitude. March 2020.  Friends sent a few kilos of freshly picked peaches to Miller’s kitchen.  We cooked and preserved them.

Private Lounge. March 2020. Miller’s, Cadillac margarita.  45ml Gold Tequila, 30ml Grand Marnier, 10 mls Agave Syrup, 100ml fresh orange / lemon / lime juice, generous splash of Pellegrino limonata to finish. Quick stir to mix, no salt on rim. Built around large single ice cube of mint water with mint leaf encased.

Footpath beers.  Last drinks to a 1 year research project to try and gain an understanding of the craft beer offerings available around central Auckland.  Well drunk, well enjoyed, an understanding, of a type, was gained.