May Blooms. May 2020. Hibiscus on the deck at Miller’s.

Haemanthus on the deck.

Green beans. May 2020. Sacks of green coffee beans, form New Guinea, Kenya and Columbia, about to be roasted, by people who have done it for a while. And getting it out fresh to cafes and local hospitality.

Tower Bakery. May 2020. For a generation Tony Swanson has baked and made espresso for the neighbourhood around Tower Bakery in St Heliers.

Artisan breads at Tower Bakery.  Tony keeps and cares for a collection of sourdough starters for his loaves.

Like chocolate? May 2020. Miller’s chocolate. Hand tempered chocolate, freshly made. Miller's marc is added to the ganache extending the shelf life of the chocolate. Available at Miller’s, 31 Cross Street, 7.30 to noon, Monday to Friday.

The Edge. May 2020. A mighty fine drink. The Edge, 2017 Pinot Noir from The Escarpment, Martinborough. Grape to stem wine goblets by Sherwood Silverware (1980s).

Cross Street. May 2020. The corner of Cross Street and Upper Queen. Winds gather the colours of autumn.

The corner of Cross Street and Mercury Lane which has been commandeered by someone, for months now.

Whatever is there is behind temporary fencing and echo barriers. It seems to be a diesel generator.  Around 2.30 in the afternoon it's fully pumping. The stacks emit a shimmering heat-haze about a meter long before turning into airborne black soot. The soot is whisked up Cross Street by the prevailing south-westerly tacking to the glass and going into open doors of small businesses, workplaces and apartments.

Cross Street interesting. Watch this space.

Kia Kaha NZ. May 2020. Stay home. Be kind.

Wash your hands.