Coffee Travels.  November 2019. The main reason Miller’s visited Shanghai was to attend 'Coffee Town'.  Coffee Town was part of a larger hospitality trade expo organised by Food & Hotel China.

Another reason was to see the city of Shanghai.  First impressions from our small encounter with Shanghai, is a city full of energy. The people on the street are friendly, helpful and open to the world.

The coffee in Shanghai needs work.  Well made coffee is available though it takes some searching which means drinking a lot of bad coffee.  A well made espresso using freshly roasted beans, with double shot as standard, not overly milky, would be loved by the energetic inhabitants of this trading city.

At the Food & Hotel China expo a company displays the possibilities of led-lighting.

The Chinese agents for Italian espresso machines show their wares.  An M100 La Chimbali 2 group.

A Faema E61 2 group.

X – More.  A Chinese designed and manufactured espresso machine with some Italian components.

S7 pro model coffee roaster, designed and manufactured in China by Stronghold.

Gelato making machinery and chefs from Italy.  Not part of the coffee displays, but looked yummy and they were giving out samples.

Queing for coffee in Nanking Road.

Manner Coffee had just opened and gave coffee away as a promotion.

‘O.1g Coffee’ in Yan’an Road, Shanghai.

Sorting green beans for roasting.

Another roast.

‘X + Y Coffee’ in Beijing Street West.


Starbucks Reserve Roastery in Shanghai. A wow of a coffee house, contains a complete coffee factory. Roasting to serving, and even a packaging line.  The bakery is overseen by Rocco Princi of Milan.

Green Bean silos connect to the roasters by hydraulic copper and clear tubes.  They are then transported to a large two story high barrel in the centre of the complex.

Different roasted single origin and blends travel to the silos at the different coffee stations.

A smaller roaster looks after the single origin.

Bar Mixo serves alcohol, including 11 coffee cocktails.  They have their own dinning menu.

There is some unusual architecture in Shanghai including wacky looking skyscrapers.

The Metro make Shanghai a cheap and easy place to get around.

Pergola (2012) by Wim Delvoye.

Street Art

Inner City residences.

Shanghai, we will return.